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Building a better life



Build innovative and sustainable buildings for a better life.


Build and manage buildings that make people feel that they contribute to sustainable progress.

Nuestra Identidad

Our Identity

We firmly believe that work marks people’s lives.

That is why we pursue the highest awards in construction quality, installation technology or environmental sustainability; while we also look after the human factor throughout our work.

This is our twofold distinguishing mark: not just improving our building but also the lives of those who work at them.

We look after innovation and sustainability

At our buildings, only cutting-edge installations are to be found, and the awards we receive endorse our leadership in the industry.

Throughout its long history, already over sixty years, Torre Rioja has acquired the know-how to develop some of our country’s most innovative office buildings. We have thus achieved LEED® Platinum certification for two buildings, which is the highest mark granted by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Our clients prefer our buildings because they provide a higher energy efficiency, less maintenance costs and remarkable strengthening of their corporate image.


We look after the human factor

Innovation and attention to detail need to walk hand in hand when conceiving tomorrow’s buildings.

At Torre Rioja every new building is thought of as an endeavour to make life easier for people at their workplace. And that is achieved through our staff’s commitment to everyday’s ordinary details. This craftsman spirit also makes us more aware of our industry and this results, not just in a vanguard position, but in closeness to our clients as well.

Our corporate identity reflects Torre Rioja’s values: combining technological innovation with a close and caring attention to our clients.

Our icon is the sociable weaver, the bird that builds one of the most sophisticated known nests to host its entire community.

This is what we mean by our slogan:

“building a better life”.

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