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We take our new OMbuilding as an example, as it shows the technological standards Torre Rioja applies to all of its current and future production.

Finishings and wrapping systems

  • Individually regulated outer blinds to avoid the greenhouse effect through crystal façades, thus reducing the use of air condition.
  • Individually regulated, automated inner blinds in order to avoid reflection and blinding. Also, these blinds allow for indirect solar light to get through, thus increasing comfort and saving energy.
  • Individual regulation of all 9,500 high efficiency LED lights, with circadian technology.
  • Ventilated active façade with a multi-layer double skin, with ultra-clarity glass for high thermal and acoustic isolation and indoor comfort.

Conditioning systems and facilities

  • Heating. The offices are heated through a perimeter net of convectors, and through underfloor heating at the central atrium. The main heat production is provided by geothermia and additional natural gas condensation boilers. The automated installation management system fully prioritises renewable resources to make them contribute over 50% of all heat demand.
  • Air quality. Air quality is monitored in real time through the BMS control system. This permanently adjusts the ventilation flow for each particular room at any particular time. Ventilation equipment are able to recover heat and humidity, produce evaporative cooling, regulate speed, etc.
  • Refrigeration and ventilation. The building’s air conditioning system is also designed to obtain the highest comfort and energy efficiency, with over 1,600 cold beams which operate with cool water from various sources (geothermia, free cooling or magnetic levitation coolers). Cool beams are passive equipment without any ventilators or moving parts. In this way, zero energy consumption is granted in the conditioning units themselves, and operation is extremely silent. Highly efficient magnetic levitation inverter compressors operate on HFO ecologic coolant.
  • Lighting. All lighting is conducted through high  efficiency LED lights with circadian cycle regulation to grant the highest energy saving and the highest worker comfort
  • Automation and control.  In order to obtain a coordinated functioning and the highest efficiency and comfort for all building users, a BMS management system is used, with an energy management system (EMS). Also, a system will control lighting and blinds (LCS), operated through 50,000 control points. So that all energy types (electric, heating and cooling) and water consumption (cold, hot and recycled) are monitored, over 200 distributed meters are available both at the generating installations and the consumption points. This allows for big data analysis, preventive intervention, cost attribution, etc.


Torre Rioja leads in the use and diversification of renewable energies through onsite implantation. Furthermore, the company is particularly keen on water use and recovery, and pursues the highest energy environmental certifications. Here we detail the strategy for efficiency and sustainability at our new OMbuilding, which is a good example of the standards we apply to all our current and future production.

Onsite renewable energies

  • Geothermal. Heating and refrigeration are primarily produced through a geothermal system with a heat pump and heat recovery. In wintertime, heat from the underground is recovered as well as simultaneous heat and cooling demand during the mid seasons (spring and fall). The catchment field is formed by thirty wells, each of them 135 meters deep.
  • Biomass. The second renewable heating system is the 200 kW biomass boiler in continuous use. The biomass comes from processed olive tree wood (about twenty tons per month).
  • Photovoltaic. Solar photovoltaic energy for 100% self-consumption. 500 solar photovoltaic panels covering the whole roof.
  • Thermal solar. Thermal solar energy and aerothermia for ACS production. Power consumption for the heating of toilet water is also negligible thanks to solar thermal catchment and to the additional heat pump with R-744 (CO2) cooler.
  • Wind. Two micro wind generators places in vertical axis.

Water efficiency and recovery

  • All taps and toilet devices reduce water consumption by up to 50%.
  • Rain water is channeled and used, and lavatory used water as well as cooler tower water is also reused, thus reducing the final water demand by up to another 25%.
  • Drip irrigation systems will be in place to reduce water consumption in the gardened areas.

Compared to a normal building, all water saved could fill an olympic swimming pool every three months.

Energy and environment certifications

The OM∞ building is LEED Platinum pre-certified and with Nearly Zero consumption. The process has also started to certify the building as A+ in the AEO system. Furthermore, Torre Rioja is also working to obtain the WELL Platinum certification, thus closing the circle of energetic efficiency, sustainability, and user well-being and health.