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Introduction Our identity

Our Identity

We firmly believe that work marks people’s lives.

That is why we pursue the highest awards in construction quality, installation technology or environmental sustainability; while we also look after the human factor throughout our work.

This is our twofold distinguishing mark: not just improving our building but also the lives of those who work at them.

We look after innovation and sustainability

At our buildings, only cutting-edge installations are to be found, and the awards we receive endorse our leadership in the industry.

Throughout its long history, already over sixty years, Torre Rioja has acquired the know-how to develop some of our country’s most innovative office buildings. We have thus achieved LEED® Platinum certification for two buildings, which is the highest mark granted by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Our clients prefer our buildings because they provide a higher energy efficiency, less maintenance costs and remarkable strengthening of their corporate image.

We look after the human factor

Innovation and attention to detail need to walk hand in hand when conceiving tomorrow’s buildings.

At Torre Rioja every new building is thought of as an endeavour to make life easier for people at their workplace. And that is achieved through our staff’s commitment to everyday’s ordinary details. This craftsman spirit also makes us more aware of our industry and this results, not just in a vanguard position, but in closeness to our clients as well.

Our corporate identity reflects Torre Rioja’s values: combining technological innovation with a close and caring attention to our clients.

Our icon is the sociable weaver, the bird that builds one of the most sophisticated known nests to host its entire community. This is what we mean by our slogan:

“building a better life”.

With over three hundred million euros in investments, Torre Rioja is considered the most innovative developer in Spain’s office building industry. Let us explain how this reputation was attained.

Throughout the 1960s Torre Rioja started its development activity, always through ambitious and innovative projects, mostly residential.

In the 1980s, the company built a 20,000 m² office tower at 14, Rosario Pino street (at the heart of Madrid’s entrepreneurial Cuzco area). This was the first building in Spain to have an Ackerman network to allow for underground instead of ceiling cabling.

From 1990 onwards, Torre Rioja innovates again by developing an office building in the exclusive La Florida district, featuring large 3,000 m² floors. This attracted demanding clients like Volvo, Hertz, Ikea or Shiseido to host their headquarters in that building.

Since 2000, the company started to invest by purchasing plots for office building developments at the MADBIT area, Madrid’s new innovation district where many large technology companies are based. This is an outstanding area aimed at rebranding Madrid as a top European capital, and Torre Rioja is the company with the largest number of projects under construction in this zone.

From 2010 onwards, Torre Rioja made one of the largest rehabilitation works in the office building industry. The former Telefonica I+D headquarters at 79-81 Avenida de América was purchased and transformed into a modern business park with over 40,000 m². This complex rehabilitation work was acknowledged with the LEED® Platinum certificate, the highest certification given by the U.S. Green Building Council. Our project ranked first in Europe and second in the whole world.

These two buildings, after receiving the highest existing awards for their technological quality, attracted two top level customers for their new headquarters, Axa Insurance and BNP Paribas.

In 2017 Tore Rioja innovates again through a turnkey lease operation, constructing a tailor-made office building at the MADBIT area for the pharma multinational company Roche, where its IT division will be hosted. This building, with cutting-edge features, is delivered to Roche in November 2019 to host six hundred workers and serve all of Roche’s branches worldwide.

Roche’s choice to have its building constructed and operated by Torre Rioja further acknowledges us as a leading development in the office industry.

In 2018 Torre Rioja started, also in the MADBIT area, the most important of its office building construction projects: the prestigious OM? building with 38,000 m² and 1,200 parking lots. Torre Rioja innovates again as this building will have 9,000 m² per floor, with escalators from underground to all other levels. These two features are unique in Spain at office buildings.

Nowadays, Torre Rioja keeps making impact in the real estate industry as an engine for change through its projects, which maximise energy efficiency and environment sustainability.

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